An Evening Chat

Produced in 1987. In this recollection of the artist impression showing people in a village in Johor spending their evening in a chat at the front porch. Coconut trees in the background, place the scene at a location somewhere off the coast.

It is typical of a Johor house to have a porch designed with seating places in mind, reason being for welcomed guests having a place to exchange greetings and news.

Product Details:

  • Title : An Evening Chat.
  • Approx. Image Size : 11.5 in. wide x 9 in. high.
  • Overall Size : 16 in. wide x 13 in. high (incl. 1.5 in. hardboard border).
  • Product Type : Giclee Limited Reprints Signed by the Artist.
  • Materials : Paper, Hardboard.
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