Original – A Fishing Village in Kelantan

An art depicting a scene of a fishing village in Kelantan, a state in the east coast of Malaysia. The design of boat shared a common heritage with Siam. Produced in April 2009.

Kelantan is situated in the north-east of Peninsular Malaysia, bordering the Narathiwat Province of Thailand in the north.

Kelantan once came under the influence of Siam and later ruled by the Kingdom of Patani (1516-1771) after the fall of Melaka to the Portuguese in 1511. After the annexation of Patani in 1771, Kelantan was back under Siam rule. The signing of the Anglo-Siamese Treaty in 1909 would see Siam relinquished control of Kelantan over to the British.

In 1941, Kelantan was the first state to fall to the Japanese occupation (1941-1945). During the course of World War Two, Kelantan once again came under the control of Siam but returned to British rule after the war ended.

The Kelantan Malays are believed to have originated from the old Malay civilizations of the North. Many share Thai ancestry and most of them may find their relatives on the other side of the border.

Product Details:

  • Title : Original – A Fishing Village in Kelantan.
  • Approx. Image Size : 19 in. (W) x 14.5 in. (H).
  • Overall Size : 28 in. (W) x 23.5 in. (H) (incl. 3 in. hardboard border and 1.5 in. wood frame).
  • Materials : Wood Frame, Paper, Hardboard, Plexi Glass.

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