The Artist

Rashidtop is a self-taught artist with a keen orientation in the pen and ink medium. His personal technique is a product of continuous experiments and development over the years since his school days with subjects created against the backdrop of the rustic rural landscape of his homeland, Malaysia, for which the detail, sharp and textured rendering of the pen and ink medium effectively bring up the feel and value of his drawings.

Rashidtop is a widely-travelled person, with destinations spanning from South Africa to New Zealand, Europe, UK, Canada, the major cities of US with a two-year stay in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he regularly spent his free weekends in Santa Fe, the mecca of the South-Western art world.

Most of Rashidtop’s works are in the personal collections of European and American visitors.

Picture: Rashidtop with his grandson, Danial. Seen here, both the Artist and grandson are wearing the traditional Malay attire of Johor origin called the Teluk Belanga. It is worn together with songket (garment worn around and from waist to thigh) and songkok (headwear). The songkok is missing on Danial’s because he very much dislike wearing anything on his head.